17 May 2017

Tinned Fish Tasting. Thursday May 18th, 5-7p

Summer is just around the corner and we're excited to introduce a small line of conservas from Portugal to our small pantry selection. Tinned fish--that's right. They're sure to be a perfect addition to your picnic repertoire--perhaps thrown on a buttered baguette with pickles or offered to the hostess of your summertime weekend get-away. Not so sure you like fish packed in oil or pickled? No worries. Join us this Thursday, May 18th as we serve up samples of trout, mackerel, and sardines. We'll offer a simple presentation so you really taste the fish. We'll be pairing the conservas with crisp, bright white wines from Spain and Portugal (suggestions by the ever so helpful friends at The Wine & Cheese Cask). 

After a very grey Spring, word is that tomorrow evening will be glorious! This event runs from 5-7p and even if you don't like tinned fish, come anyway. It will be a great excuse to extend your day, meet up with friends, and hang out at the corner store.

14 April 2017

New Spring Hours

As the days grow longer, so do our shop hours.
Feel free to visit us:
11a-6p, or by appointment


23 March 2017

Write On! Make Some Happy! Sunday April 2, 2-5p

In 2014, Tess Darrow noticed she was not handwriting letters despite being the founder of a greeting card company, Egg Press. Tess challenged herself to embark on a month of writing letters by hand - one per day for the month of April - in what has grow into an annual campaign called Write_On. 

Write_On now serves as a yearly reminder for people around the world to put pencil to paper and connect. It's even been incorporated into curricula to teach children about slowing down, reflecting, and connecting through handwritten letters.  

In the spirit of expressing and making happy, come join us at Pod on Sunday, April 2nd from 2p-5p to write, make cards, and get your message out. Whether you want to connect with a long-lost friend or spend some time writing mindfully, make this your label-free experience. There's no cost, and there will be supplies for makin' and pastin'. We'll provide two stamps per person, and there's a postal box across the street so you can make 'n' mail. 

We suspect it's these efforts to connect and reconnect that play a big role in creating good. We can't wait to see you. Don't forget your pencil cushion! 

*If you're stumped about why and who to write to, here is a fantastic list for inspiration. 

19 December 2016

Holiday Store Hours as of 3,2,1...Now !

It's holiday crunch time and we're loaded to the gills with fabulous gifts for friends, family, co-workers, your trainer, dog-walker... You get the idea.  We've extended our hours and have broken down the Open and Closed days below.

December 19-23 11a-6p
December 24: 11a-4p
Closed: December 25-29
December 30: 11a-6p
December 31: 11a-4p
Closed: January 1-3

We will resume our Winter Hours on January 4th: Wednesday - Saturday 11a -6p
or, by appointment--yeah, we really do that. Seriously.

The holiday season can be overwhelmingly stressful, we get it, but we hope this little shop has helped to bring you joy. Thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm.  Peace + Love, Pod.



30 October 2016

Clean sheets, towels, and blankets drive: Saturday, November 12, 2016

We do a lot of talking over here about nesting, about how much we love textiles and the importance of making your home a comfy, nurturing space for you and your loved ones.
And you, thankfully, participate in that textile love. We’re birds of a feather.
We got to wondering though, simply because we deal with the same issue, where do you put your new wonderful blanket or towel when you're already sitting on years’ worth of soft-goods? When do you cull, and once you have, what do you do with that 10-year-old sheet set you no longer need?
Personally, we’ve taken those well-loved but still useful and clean blankets, sheets, and towels to the MSPCA-Angell Animal Care and Adoption Center in Boston. At MSPCA-Angell, these items are always in demand, but now that the fall chill is settling in, they’re needed more than ever. Textiles help animals feel nested, warm, and safe in sterile cages with cement floors. Why not send your unwanted items their way? Better yet, wash them, fold them, and bring them to Pod. We’ll cross that darned Charles River and deliver them ourselves. (please no used animal beds)
And what do you get other than space in your closet and our heartfelt thank you? Well, we’re holding a drawing. Whoever donates can throw their name into the pot for a chance to win a variety of prizes including gift certificates to Pod, 
Lamplighter Brewing Co, HiRise Bakery, Michelle Barrett Ceramics, Bow Street Flowers, Extras by Alaina, and Bagelsaurus  How's that for incentive ?!

*UPDATE: We are thrilled to be hosting Lamplighter Brewing Co. From 1-3p they will be serving up samples of their house-made beer. They're new to Cambridge so come and show 'em some love.

So please join us for this special textile drive and some good cheer. We’ll look for your familiar face behind that stack of blankets and sheets.

 The mission of the MSPCA-Angell is to protect animals, relieve their suffering, advance their health and welfare, prevent cruelty, and work for a just and compassionate society.

*A special thank you to our friend Rose for letting us use this image of her adorable French Bulldog named Bubs. You can find more of Bubs adventures and snarky remarks on her Instagram feed: yourgirlbubs

20 June 2016

Last Day of School Ice Cream Social: Wednesday June 22nd

Wednesday, June 22nd is the, whew.. official last day of school. You see, in case you don't live nearby, our shop is situated right across the street from the Baldwin Elementary School and playground. What better way to break free than with a good old fashioned ice cream social. Come one, and all, we are thrilled to be hosting honeycomb creamery once again as they continue to wow us with their delicious small batch ice cream. Seriously tasty flavors will be scooped into cones and cups. Wildly excited last-day-of-school kids, relieved parents, and sprinkles will be on hand. It's running 3:00-4:30pm. Bring your wallet--pints for sale too. 

AND in case you didn't know, Kristen and Rory -the founders of HC-are opening a storefront just down the block at 1702 Mass. Ave.  They're shooting for a July release date so let's all wish them well on this next chapter in their small biz, small batch lives!

AND AND: The summer fun continues at Pod June 22nd-25th with summery Pop-Up selections on hand from Lisa B. (cotton espadrilles) and Matta (silk and cotton frocks)

22 May 2016

Tulip Pearl: 2/14/04 - 5/18/16

It is with the heaviest heart that we announce the passing of our beloved shop-dog Tulip. She was a working dog at heart and began her time with us at the young age of 12 weeks. Adopted from Angell Memorial, she was a stellar example of just how wonderful pound puppies are and as a pit-bull mix, she clearly exhibited just how wrongly these dogs can be characterized. She was love--100%. She greeted, held back, read your body language, and in the end, the girl could work a room. She loved babies, but quickly learned what was most to love was their stroller and in particular, the undercarriage, where the detritus of snacking lies. She was no dummy. The warmer months were her favorite. Why? Well, your un-clothed legs and toes were deliciously salty and maybe, just maybe, you used a lotion that was particularly tasty. To all of our delivery men and letter carriers over the years, a huge thank you, from Tulip, for wearing shorts.

Ultimately, we were lucky. So very lucky to have her with us for twelve years. She was our 'love face girl in the world'. Her energy delighted, soothed and consoled many.  If she ever teased you with her ball or bone, please know she liked you. Her uncle aptly labeled her 'imperious'. She was opinionated, bossy at times, and could throw a timely side-eye a mile long ( no kidding. it was rather amazing) Her chortle, loud snore, and 'woo, woo, woo'-ing communications were glorious, famous, and in essence, Tulip was a rockstar.  There is no doubt.

We loved her deeply.

24 April 2016

Pod x Covet+Lou Pop Up: May 20-21

Super excited to let you all know about our up-coming event Everything Underthings. Co-hosted by us, Pod and the fabulous Covet + Lou (Tina Burgos), this two day pop-up will feature a collection of modern basics and loungewear by both veteran and emerging designers including Base Range, Pansy, Erica Tanov, SulaHansel from Basel, Brook There and more. 
Underpinning the event is the notion of women’s foundations: both the literal garments that will be featured at the  pop-up and the physical supports that help women build thriving lives. In keeping with that notion, a portion of the event’s proceeds will be donated to Rosie’s Place, the Boston-based women’s shelter that provides meals, housing, education, and support to women. Since 1974, Rosie’s Place has been helping women fortify their foundations, in all senses.
Listen, we all could use a new set of bra and d'wear so be sure to come by. Plus, it's for a great cause! Lock it in: Friday May 20th and Saturday May 21st at Pod. 

04 April 2016

Spring Store Hours and More

It's hard to believe that it's actually Spring today. We're looking about four inches of slushy snow, BUT, it's covering blooming daffodils, tulips, hellebores, and a host of other early blooms. We're out of the Winter dark for sure. For April, May, and June, we'll be extending our shop hours to Tuesday-Saturday 11a-6p. This Spring has us filled to the brim with fresh new ceramic tableware, bed linens, Bensimon's, and great pieces of clothing to update your repertoire. Lines including Fog Linen Work, Micaela Greg, Pansy, and Esby have us smiling daily. So come by and say hello and maybe pick up that much procrastinated house-warming gift, a pair of great canvas tennis sneakers for yourself, or that super duper Grown Alchemist hand creme that is going to really save your tired gardening digits this season.  See you soon. XO

11 February 2016

Winter Break

Please note that our shop will be closed February 15th-23rd. 
We will be shipping online orders though--including these new Saipua soaps!