14 March 2019

mashiko pottery and crazing

This Spring we've chosen to expand our collection of Mashiko pottery. It's incredibly special, but as such, it comes with its own personality and we thought it might be a good idea to discuss it a bit. The pottery begins one way and with use, ends up another way. It's part of a larger discussion about how we live with the objects around us. How they age and evolve--just like us.

Mashiko pottery is made in the town of Mashiko in Tochigi, Japan where its historical origins date back to the Edo period (late 1800's). This area is renown for the master potter Shoji Hamada, the use of its local clay, and for its specific glaze colors. The pottery is crafted from the original thick, coarse consistency of the town's native soil and is not combined with any other types of raw material.  These organic conditions are what give this ware a warm and rustic feel that is unique to 'Mashiko-yaki'.  This contemporary Mashiko line is produced under the direction of designer, Takuhiro Shinomoto. Production is still committed to using the locally-sourced materials for all of its components and will yield subtle variations in color and glaze crazing.

Glaze crazing, which is the network of lines that run across the glazed surface, can/will occur on these products and may increase over time.  These lines are formed naturally on the surface and are typical traits of glazed earthenware, especially with Mashiko-yaki.  People in Japan expect their Mashiko pieces to craze.  It's a desirable feature that is viewed as a 'good thing' and the sooner, the better. 

We have provided an example of crazing here in the photos so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this product trait is 'desirable' to you. We do have an example in our shop too. If you prefer your pottery to remain one way, unchanged, or pristine, Mashiko-yaki is not for you. But, we hope you might be open to learn about it and maybe one day, you'll enjoy your cup of tea out of one its mugs.

21 February 2019

BreadBoard Bakery Pop-Up: Saturday March 2nd: 10a-2p

We're re-opening the shop on Tuesday, March 5th, but before we do and while the  shelves are bare and sheer empty makes us feel that anything is possible, we've decided to turn it into a bakery for 4 hours!

Please join us on Saturday, March 2nd as welcome our friend, the amazing baker Daisy Chow of Breadboard Bakery. From 10a-2p, Daisy will be selling her famous breads (sourdough, rugbrod), kolaches, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and..... Just come over and see. What is a kolache anyway? Find out here.
And, if you're itching to shop some more, we'll have a select group of our kitchen and bakery themed merchandise available. Some fun Spring socks too!

Ahhhhh...the scent of fresh baked pastry and bread. What better way to wake up from hibernation. Just ask Grinder and Coola. 

27 January 2019


Our brick and mortar shop will close: February 3 through March 4

After a wonderful 2018, from celebrating our 20th anniversary to ending on the high note of seeing so many of you during the holiday season, we feel our plate is heaped with gratitude.  And with all the 'feelings', the one that is piping up the loudest is the one that tells us that this is the opportunity to make time to reset our energies and embrace the spirit of the new years' renewal. 

FAQ: What are you going to do? 
Well, what do you do when you're not at Pod? We'll be doing the same thing, but peppered with a good 'ol spit-and-polish of the shop, online order fulfillments, treasure hunts for new goods, hopefully more walks in the woods, dreaming of a Presidential impeachment, shoveling snow will probably be thrown into the mix along with lots of planning and scheming. 

Though our storefront will be closed to walk-in traffic, our online shop will offer a collection of Winter essentials. Our sister web shop, Shop Fog Linen will also be available with a full inventory during this time. 

It's no lie, we will miss the dog visits and seeing your bright and shiny faces during February, but we are very much looking forward to greeting you in March and beyond, and can't wait to share all the good stuff we'll have in store for you (literally). 

Here's to new beginnings and a happy, peaceful and healthy 2019. XO, JB